December 13 2017 0comment

Riddle: What do Holidays, Hurricanes and Roofing Tile have in common?

Many homeowners are dealing with an unusual holiday stress… they can’t get their tile delivered during their re-roof process. There are certain times that the market conditions adversely affect the timely delivery of roof material.  This trifecta happened when earlier this year, the three largest tile manufacturers, Boral, Hanson (Forterra), and Entegra merged retaining the name Boral. These acquisitions removed a large percentage of the roof tile manufacturing capacity from the South Florida market just as Hurricane Irma hit southwest Florida.

The merging of three companies and change of management from Entegra to Boral has created confusion and delays of shipments from the Entegra plant in Okeechobee to projects across Florida. In addition, the Okeechobee plants independent tile roof loaders have created a labor action slowing timely and accurate deliveries.

Roofing companies, manufacturers and distributors are all working hard to fulfill their obligation to get tile orders delivered.  Although these issues are outside of any ones control, we are confident Boral will get these issues ironed out quickly. We ask for your patience as we (and every other roofing contractor) work through these issues.