Ygrene Roofing Fort Lauderdale

At Chase Roofing Company, we specialize in green roofing practices that will only contribute to clean and renewable energy. We stand behind Ygrene and everything that they do for our environment. By being the only company in the United States to offer fully funded clean energy districts, they have started an effort that many will […]

Commercial Roofing Fort Lauderdale

Commercial Roofing is built to last through good and bad weather. Since it is a costly repair, most commercial real estate owners make sure that it is well maintained. After years of wear and tear and bad weather, sometimes commercial roofing needs to be totally replaced. On a bad roof patching and fixing the bad […]

Roofing Contractor Fort Lauderdale

A roof is an important but frequently forgotten part of a home. Too often, homeowners don’t have their roof inspected with enough frequency – or at all – and then find their belongings ruined by a leaky roof. It’s essential to remember that, while leaks may spring up suddenly, most of them can be avoided […]

Three Reasons for a Commercial Roof Repair

Are you an owner of commercial space in Tampa? Do you find that your roof requires repair? There are many reasons for a commercial roof repair. It’s complicated to know when you’re in need of service until the roof begins to leak or physical and visible issues become visible. At Chase Roofing, we see roof damage quite […]

Tips on Finding High-Quality Roofing

If you’re looking for experts in roofing, look no further than Dania. Finding a quality roofer isn’t easy, and when you’re trying to hire a company for a repair, replacement, or maintenance, you don’t want to choose just anyone. The reality is that roofing is a delicate job that requires craftsmanship and excellent quality care. It’s also important if the […]

Three Reasons for Tile Roof Repair

Are you in need of tile roof repair in Tampa? If so, you’re not alone. One of the most common household repairs in the state of Florida is the roof, mainly because of the harsh rainy season and hot weather in Florida. Everyone thinks that unlimited amounts of sun will be good for everything in general, but the reality […]

Where to Find a Quality Roofer in Tampa

Are you in need of a roof repair? Do you need a roof replacement? Are you fearful that there’s something wrong with your roof? If so, you’ll need a roofer in Tampa. However, you won’t want to hire just any roofer. When you’re dealing with something as sacred as your roof, there’s no time for […]

Why You Should Have a Roofer in Davie on Speed-Dial

Having a roofer in Davie on speed-dial isn’t what everyone thinks about when they consider their speed-dial names and lists. However, having a roofer at an easy access point could save you stress, time, and money. Sometimes there are complicated situations that also qualify as emergencies. Instead of weeding through numerous companies, it will make […]