5 Signs you Need a Great Roofer in Fort Lauderdale!

Owning a house means you will have more than just one responsibility and since there is so much to worry about we overlook little things. You may have grown accustom to that one ray of sunshine peeking through your roof and even placed a bucket for the rain that sneak its way inside. Whether you have decided to […]

What Services are Offered by a Roofer in Plantation?

There are many different types of roofs both residential and commercial. If you’re looking for a qualified and licensed roofer in the Plantation area contact our team at Chase Roofing today. Our team has the experience to provide you with top quality roof repairs and inspections for whatever type of roof you have at your […]

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I need Residential Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to roofing in Fort Lauderdale you need a licensed roofer you can trust. South Florida is known for strong storms and even hurricanes from time to time, so having a strong and reliable roof is a must. If your roof has been damaged during a storm you can get the best roof […]

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What Causes Roof Leaks in Fort Lauderdale?

Roofing leaks can create many different issues in homes and businesses all around the area. Got a leak? Don’t panic! Our experts at Chase Roofing can handle roof leaks in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you’ve got a major leak or a small leak, we can help by identifying and repairing the leak at its source. But, […]

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Which Roofer in Cooper City Offers Tile Roofs?

When it comes to classic roofing designs, nothing compares to tile roofing. At Chase Roofing, we know that tile roofing has been a standby of quality designs for generations. In fact, tile roofing goes back to Roman and Greek civilizations. Finding a great roof starts by calling our experts at Chase Roofing! When you need […]

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Roofing Contractor in Tampa Helps You Choose New Roofing

Are you ready for a new roof on your home or business? There are many different roofing types on the market these days, and it’s important to choose the roof that’s best for you. Budget, roofing requirements and building age can all play into the type of roofing that you choose. It all starts with […]

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Spring Cleaning Tips from the Best Roofer in Tampa

At Chase Roofing, we know that it’s important to have a great roof overhead. Are you taking care of your roofing properly? If you want to avoid expensive repairs, take advice from our roofer in Tampa! We’ve put together top spring cleaning tips for your residential or commercial roofing. If you’re ready to help your […]

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5 Reasons to Switch to Tile Roofing, Tips from the Best Roofer in Davie

At Chase Roofing, we know that upgrading your roof is a big investment. Whether you’re choosing roofing for your home or for your business, you need the best roofing options out there. Our experts are here to help! Tile roofing has been around for centuries, and there’s a reason it’s maintaining such popularity. Our Davie […]

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5 Signs of Roof Leaks in Fort Lauderdale

Roofing maintenance is something that’s perhaps never on your mind, until you’ve got a roofing problem at hand. Roof leaks are highly destructive, yet highly elusive problems. At Chase Roofing, we find and fix all types of roof leaks in Fort Lauderdale. How do you know if you’ve got a roof leak? Check out our […]