Sean P.

Professionalism in the roofing industry should be defined by Chase Roofing.
We had a large project on a very intricate new tile roof, and from start to finish I was impressed.

I did my diligence and got my three quotes all from large reputable roofing companies. Of the three, Chase Roofing’s quote was very detailed and provided a step by step process. Out of the three quotes, it was the only one that was typed and easy to read. Surprisingly the other two quotes by two other large reputable roofing companies were one page and hand written. Chase gave me two pages of detailed typed information and then another two pages of warranty information. I knew at this point who I was going to go with. If they can put this kind of professionalism into a quote package, then I knew I would be in good hands throughout the project, and I was correct. Every email request, question, or issue I had was dealt with immediately and correctly.

Two months later and our roof has been through three major rain storms and we haven’t had a single leak, and even if we did, I know I could call and I have confidence it would be dealt with immediately.

Thank you everyone at Chase!

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