Kerry Siman-Tov

Thank you, Kailly! I appreciate your sending me this info!
I’m very glad that I chose Chase Roofing to do the job.
You all have been so professional and helpful.
The roofers did a great job and I was amazed at how quickly the job was done!!
Kudos to all of you…. You’re a great team and should be very proud of yourselves and your company!
Please feel free to forward this to Johna (she was the #1 reason I chose Chase!), Nick (Did an amazing job coordinating the project) and John and Tamara – so they can have just one more reminder that they are doing a very good job, and are well appreciated!!
Kailly, I also have to give you credit for the work you’ve done in making sure all materials were delivered so they could actually do my roofing job without having to wait. To have this done from start to finish in 3 days was a feat of heroism! There are so many nightmares with roofing contractors starting jobs and disappearing for weeks or months before completing the job. Your company was honest, professional, and diligent in their work. I can’t thank you enough!!
I will be happy to add a testimonial to your website, and will be sure to do a stellar review on Angie’s list.
Many thanks!!