Ariel O.

Submitting this review on behalf of my mother and father who have managed to make it through their life without a home computer or internet. ๐Ÿ™‚ My mom recently encountered some major water intrusion in her home due to poor roof construction when their house was built. Not really having any immediate resources handy, I searched Yelp cross-country for her to send her the names of a few companies with great reviews. Chase was #1 on my list due to all of the glowing comments, and actually ended up being my mom’s #1 after meeting with 3 roofing companies. While their initial bid was likely going to come in a bit higher than our lowest quote, Chase Roofing not only just about matched the price, but also adjusted their warranty to meet the competing company’s bid. Above all, my mom was most impressed by how prepared they were to meet with her, bringing copies of their awards and photos of their prior work, and how they carefully explained the work they would be doing in detail. While I didn’t personally have the pleasure of meeting them, everyone that my mom spoke to or met with were nice as can be. They realized the immediate need, showed up promptly at their appointment times, completed the work flawlessly, and my parents are beyond happy with the final results. So refreshing to see such an honest and reliable company in business. Judging from the reviews, many others feel the same. Thanks Chase Roofing!