Angela Perez, HavenBrook Homes, Senior Property Manager

I have been doing business with Chase Roofing for well over 8 years. I was previously working with Cornerstone Group at Captiva Club apartments for most of its existence and had the pleasure of getting to know and working with many of your employees at Chase Roofing to include Mr. Steven Getter. I have since moved on from Captiva Club apartments to a new company called HavenBrook Homes, a company that rents single family homes throughout central, south and west Florida. Being that I have had many successful dealings with Chase Roofing I was immediately compelled to vet Chase at becoming an approved vendor with my new company. Mr. Getter has always been very kind, professional and expedient during times when residents are frustrated and upset with their leaking roofs, this is not only appreciated by myself but also the many residents I’ve had throughout the years. I will continue to do business with Chase Roofing and Mr. Getter, as I know I can rely on the work that is done by the employees. My residents are happy they don’t have to continue to call back about the same issue and I’m happy that the work is done right the first time around…it’s a win win situation for all! Should the day ever come that I am no longer with HavenBrook Homes, you can guarantee that I will vet Chase Roofing for whichever new company I move forward with. Many thanks for the successful years of doing business together and I look forward to many more to come!