Amber D.

After a lot of fretting and interviewing of about 10 roofing companies, we gave Chase Roofing the contract for a new tile roof. As new homeowners and Florida transplants we were overwhelmed by the the thought of replacing a 40+ year old roof. Johna walked us through the process, which, I imagine for her was tedious.

The crew, led by Nick, was magnificent. He came over during heavy downpours and inspected the house for leaks and when I thought the mud at the center of the roof looked (only the slightest bit sloppy), he came over and tidied it up.

The roof and a previously installed (horribly) sunlight but now beautiful and up to code, looks great and I am happy with our decision to use Chase. For workmanship, hands down five stars. I give 4.75 as we were slightly disappointed by the handling of a permitting issue.

The pricing was on par with estimates we received from other companies. Slightly higher than some but I believe the professionalism and quality was worth it.