When Should I Have My Shingle Roof Replaced, and Who is the Best Company in Fort Lauderdale to do So?

When it comes to the roofs on our homes, it can be difficult to decide when it is time for a complete tear off or a new shingle job. By just a simple glance from ground level, it probably looks like your shingles are in great shape and can protect the plywood underneath for many […]

Can I Save Money on Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale?

If you’ve lived in Fort Lauderdale for a long time, sooner or later there is going to be an issue with your roof. The blazing sun and long, rainy seasons can take a big toll on your roof. As hurricane season is upon us, it’s time to have a proper roof evaluation. If your roof […]

Advice from the Best Roofing Company in Tamarac!

South Florida is known as an idyllic warm weather tropical destination, and it is the perfect place to get away for a beach vacation—most of the year. But it is also home to tropical rainstorms and hurricanes, especially during the summer months. As we embark on hurricane season, hopefully, you are spending some time preparing […]

Where Can I Find the Best Roofing Service in Cooper City?

If your roof has been damaged in a tropical storm or hurricane, you are going to want the best roofing company you can find to help keep more water damage from seeping into your Cooper City home. Your roof not only protects you and your family from the elements, but it also keeps your home […]

What Causes Roof Leaks in Fort Lauderdale?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the roof above our home or business is working 24/7 to keep us dry. When the rainy season hits in Fort Lauderdale, your roof is then working overtime and can encounter a fair share of issues. That’s where Chase Roofing comes in. Our roofers encounter leaks regularly and they […]

Tile Roof Tampa

Affordable Roofing in Tampa

If you live in Tampa, you are used to the temperamental weather changes Florida has to offer. It can go from bright and sunny to windy with torrential rain in the blink of an eye. You literally never know what you’re going to get. The harsh Florida elements can cause havoc to your roof. But […]

Where Can I Find an Honest Roofing Contractor in Fort Lauderdale?

There is no shortage of roofing companies in the Fort Lauderdale area, however, not all of them are trustworthy. Some companies may overcharge for repairs, while others simply take your money and run. At Chase Roofing, we take great pride in being an honest and dependable roofing company serving the Fort Lauderdale area. Customer satisfaction […]

Roofing Contractor Fort Lauderdale

A roof is an important but frequently forgotten part of a home. Too often, homeowners don’t have their roof inspected with enough frequency – or at all – and then find their belongings ruined by a leaky roof. It’s essential to remember that, while leaks may spring up suddenly, most of them can be avoided […]

Tips on Finding High-Quality Roofing

If you’re looking for experts in roofing, look no further than Dania. Finding a quality roofer isn’t easy, and when you’re trying to hire a company for a repair, replacement, or maintenance, you don’t want to choose just anyone. The reality is that roofing is a delicate job that requires craftsmanship and excellent quality care. It’s also important if the […]

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