Residential Roofer Vs Commercial Roofer – Roofing Contractor Broward

No one can predict about the impacting torrid weather of South Florida. Added to this is the violent wind that tends to leave its marks on building roofs. The residential or commercial building roofswhich are under the mercy of the weather conditions may need replacement or repairs from time to time. Assigning the inspection and […]

Roofing Jobs That Should Be Performed by Roofing Companies – Roofing Contractor Fort Lauderdale

DIY home repairs are very popular with mechanically inclined homeowners who, armed with the proper tools and instructions, can save significant sums of money and earn a feeling of satisfaction through the appropriate use of the excellent selection of materials and instructions available from home repair shops. But there are limits. DIYers must be able […]

Roof Replacement Options for South Florida

By living in southern Florida you are certainly well aware of the necessity of having a rood that is very resilient to the regular harsh winds that hurricanes can present. Often times homeowners will wait far too long to notice the developing roofing problems until it is too late, and then be forced into purchasing […]

How to Prepare Your Roof For the Hurricane Season in South Florida

If your house is in an unobstructed location or within 1500 feet of open water, you are more susceptible to damages caused by winds. You should consider this when planning a home improvement project. By properly protecting and maintaining your home and your property, you can minimize potential damage to your property and your neighbor’s […]

Chase Roofing Is An Owens Corning Top Of The House Certified Preferred Contractor

An Owens Corning Top of the House certification means that Chase Roofing understands: • The importance of a complete system of products, including shingles, ventilation and attic insulation, and how they elp ensure high performance and energy efficiency in a home. • The role insulation plays in reducing the carbon footprint of a house, helping […]

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