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Two Florida Women Share Advice For Entrepreneurs

Women are starting more businesses than ever before — yet many face challenges in a world that is, in many cases, still dominated by men. Despite these challenges, women are bringing innovation, tenacity and business savvy to their companies — and we’re all benefitting. Women leaders who have forged the path can attest that success requires grit, determination and the knowhow to create strategic partnerships. Below, two Florida women share their stories, along with some advice for others with an entrepreneurial streak.


Attorney Jennifer Englert says what motivates her each day is “helping my clients, building up our team, solving problems and seeing my efforts come to fruition.” Englert is the founder and a managing partner at the Orlando Law Group, which offers a range of legal services from family and elder law to special education and immigration. She founded the business in 2009 during the Great Recession. It wasn’t exactly a time most people would think to start a business, but Englert was able to find an office at an affordable price point, which allowed her team to establish a physical presence from the start. “We tried to keep costs low,” says Englert. “More importantly, we became visible in the community, meeting as many people as possible and getting involved in a variety of ways. I did my best to always help others and, over time, our name caught on.” For years, Englert tried to convince a colleague to start a firm with her. After finally agreeing, Englert’s founding partner left only a few months after helping to get the firm off the ground. “I should have gone for it when I first thought of it,” says Englert, “because I had everything I needed to do it on my own.” She advises anyone thinking of starting their own business to just do it. Englert continued to push forward and knew things were working when clients began coming to her with additional needs in new areas and sending referrals. Local businesses and community leaders started seeking the firm’s guidance. The biggest sign her firm was on the path to success was when she was finally able to hire employees and not do everything herself.

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Source: South Florida SunSentinel.