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10 Keys to Maintaining Roofing in Tampa

Are you looking to keep your roof in its best shape? At Chase Roofing, we can help! We care for all types of roofing in Tampa. Whether you have a commercial roof or a residential roof that needs care, you can count on our roofing contractors in Tampa. Here are our top 10 tips for maintaining your Tampa roofing:

  1. Clean your gutters. No matter your roof type, great gutters are key. You need to keep them clear so that water can properly drain from your roof.
  2. Keep an eye on things. After a storm or at least once a month, take a peek up at your roof. You can visually inspect your roof from the ground, keeping an eye out for big problems.
  3. But make sure to call professionals a well. You should have a professional roofing contractor in Tampa examine your roof at least annually. A professional can catch and fix many roofing problems.
  4. Keep foliage away. Don’t let tree branches or bushes touch the top of your roof. Make sure there’s nothing dangling overhead either.
  5. Lookout for leaks. Are you seeing water spots on your ceilings or walls? The minute you see signs of water, it’s time to call a professional roofer for leak detection and repair.
  6. Make sure the attic fan is in shape. Many roofs include attic fans that help to properly ventilate the roof. If you roof has an attic fan, make sure it’s in working order.
  7. Check your bills. Noticed an increase in heating or cooling costs? If your usage hasn’t changed but your bills have grown, it may be time for a new roof.
  8. Reseal routinely. Flat roofs need to be resealed routinely to keep water damage and other damages at bay.
  9. Replace what’s broken. Missing shingles? Broken tiles? Cracked flashing? Replacing these broken components can help increase your roofing longevity.
  10. Fight fungus & algae. Many different types of roofing have pores that can develop fungus, algae and mold. The moment you see signs of these problems, get a professional roof cleaning.

Keeping your roof in top shape starts with proper maintenance. At Chase Roofing, we’re here to help! We offer the best care for all types of roofing in Tampa. When you’re ready to take your roofing maintenance to the next level, call our roofing contractor in Tampa.