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5 Tips for Preventing Roof Leaks in Tampa

There’s a lot of importance in keeping a good roof overhead. At Chase Roofing, we know that great roofing care is key. With the right proactive steps, you can help lessen the likelihood of roof leaks in Tampa. Our expert roofers know a thing or two about leaks! Here are our top 5 tips for keeping roof leaks in Tampa out of the picture:

  1. Trim the Trees! Do you have tree branches that extend to or over your roof? At Chase Roofing, we suggest trimming those branches! That’s because pests can use the branches as a highway to your roof. Once on your roof, these pests can burrow, tunnel and cause serious damage. Tree limbs can become damaging during windy weather as well.
  2. Keep Gutters Clean. Many roofs are sloped in a way to help aid in water removal. Sloped roofs typically pour water into gutters, allowing water to drain off of the roof and away from your home’s foundation. But if you don’t keep your gutters clean, things can back up. Cleaning your gutters at each seasonal change can help keep them clear of debris that would damage the water removal.
  3. Do a Visual Inspection. Take a peek at your roof and make sure it’s maintaining the right shape. Make sure your roof is free of debris and make sure its shape hasn’t changed. If you do see changes, it’s time to call a roofer in Tampa that you can trust.
  4. Be Careful During the Holidays. When you’re decorating your roof over the holidays, make sure that your decorative lights don’t damage your roof. Always make sure to affix lights with gentle adhesives that don’t harm roofing. If you set off fireworks, make sure to aim away from your roof.
  5. Replace Missing Shingles or Tiles. Roofing tiles and shingles can break or go missing as time goes on. High winds and regular wear can all take this toll on your roof. If you see missing shingles, missing tiles or broken tiles, replace them quickly! We can help.

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These are just a few of the ways you can stay vigilant against roof leaks in Tampa. Our professionals at Chase Roofing can help you fight leaks! Whether you’re working with a commercial or residential roof, fighting leaks is key to a great roof. Give us a call today if you’re looking for roofing tips and leak prevention guides.