Your Roof Could Impact Your Insurance Premium – Roofing Contractor Fort Lauderdale

Those lucky enough to live in the beautiful Fort Lauderdale area, in and around South Florida, know that the mild climate that attracts so many tourists and new residents can, on occasion, become very dangerous when a hurricane or tropical storm rolls in.
All property owners must therefore carefully consider how best to prepare their roofing structures for such storms. Of paramount importance is the integrity of one’s roofing system. Should the roof fail, all else may be lost.
Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is acutely aware of this. They are insisting that those insured with them submit a completed form number CIT RCF-1. This document verifies that the condition of the roof on a building that is insured with them complies with their definition, for insurance purposes, of a sound roof that has a minimum life expectancy of at least three remaining years of effectiveness.
The typical homeowner will not be able to fill out and submit this form by them self. Due to restrictions imposed by the insurer, the document can be completed only by “qualified inspectors” like Chase Roofing & Contracting.
To ensure that your roofing system is in full compliance with all of the necessary safety and insurance requirements, contact a licensed roofing contractor. Without the above mentioned completed roof inspection form on file with your insurer, the impact on your insurance premium will be skyrocketing insurance rates, or the possible cancellation of the entire policy.
Don’t let that happen to you. If you have received a request to file such a form from your insurer, be sure to contact a licensed roofing contractor right away. Chase Roofing & Contracting is the recommended roofing contractor for the South Florida area. This is because of their many years of experience with all types of roofing systems. Experience firsthand their well deserved reputation for outstanding customer service and satisfaction.
Call Chase Roofing & Contracting to request a Free Roof Evaluation. There is no obligation for the homeowner. Not even for the free estimate. They service all types of roofing systems; residential, commercial or industrial.
Property owners face many expenses and mountains of paperwork. Let Chase Roofing & Contracting help you to make sense of the roofing certification requirement imposed by your insurance company.
Team up with Chase Roofing & Contracting. Let them handle all of the mundane details of your roof’s inspection for the insurance certification and most importantly, for your own piece of mind.
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