What to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Finding a contractor you can trust with your home can be a difficult feat. However, by educating yourself in what you should be looking for in a roofing/ contracting company, you can avoid any bad experience that could occur when making any home improvements. The following questions should properly cover all aspects that should be addressed before hiring any contractor.
1. Who were your last three clients? Instead of asking for a list of references, which one usually does, ask to see your potential contractor’s last three clients. This way you can avoid the contractor only showing you what he wants you to see, and that is reviews from satisfied customers when they may not have all been satisfied.
2. How long have you been in the contracting business? Don’t judge a new contractor because they are new to the business. However, your best bet is on a company with a strong customer base and longevity in its time of operation.
3. May I see your proof of insurance? This should be in the possession of every contractor to protect their clients from any unforeseen accidents or events that may take place on the job.
4. Are there any certifications required of you from manufacturers? Some roofing materials require special training and/or certifications in order to be installed.
5. May I have a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty? The warranty lets you know your rights in the case of claiming a faulty roofing product and details that can void this warranty, as well.
6. Do you supply copies of the manufacturer’s specification sheets? These contain what is needed to install specific products as well as proper installation methods.
7. Do you offer an additional warranty? If so, learn how long it would be in effect and what it would cover.
8. What is your scope of work? What are the roofing options that this company can offer you?
9. Who else would be working on this project? Would subcontractors be working on specific jobs in my project? Also, ask for their proof of insurance and credentials.
10. Do you offer a preventative maintenance program? Many contracting companies offer a program that entails regular inspections and upkeep for your roof or other project.
11. How do you train your workers? Are they trained in OSHA safety procedures? Adequate training is essential as this could be a potentially dangerous situation, especially an amateur.
12. How do you ensure quality workmanship? Make sure the company has a knowledgeable expert on hand to constantly exam the roof when it is under construction and when it is finished.
13. What trade associations do you belong to? Being a part of a trade pr professional association further adds to your potential contractor’s credibility and commitment to their client’s needs.
14. May I see a copy of your safety records? Make sure the person you are hiring is not a liability to your facility.
15. Is the roof edge metal you’re installing code-compliant? These pieces are the most vulnerable to wind damage. Ensure your contractor won’t be cutting corners in providing the best, quality pieces for your home.