Unexpected Florida Weather Calls For A Roof Maintenance Check

We can all agree with the fact that Florida weather has been out of whack lately. The tropics have been quite quiet and Floridians just don’t know what to expect anymore.
“The last time a hurricane struck Florida, we were in the midst of a Shaq attack, and largely oblivious to a phenom in Cleveland named LeBron becoming the youngest player to score more than 50 points in a pro basketball game. Jeb Bush was governor. And about 27,000 Miami-Dade first-graders hadn’t even been born”.
However, despite the uncertainty of Florida weather, we must always make sure that our homes are equipped with the essentials. This includes canned foods, water, flashlights and more. But, one of the most important factors that a home owner should consider is regular roof maintenance. Sandy reminded us that “loss of life and property during a tropical storm doesn’t necessarily come about from wind and rain. It comes from storm surge,” said National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Director Kathryn Sullivan.
Your roof is your most important asset. Some, however, may disagree. Those individuals who have experienced a catastrophic roofing failure have learned that making sure the roof is under good maintenance is perhaps the most important building component. Your homes roof system keeps your tenants dry and prevents the growth of mold and other organisms. Some individuals give little thought to maintaining their roof up to date and instead wait until the roof starts to leak, which will postpone the roofing services to whenever a problem arises.
With this unexpected Florida weather, it is important that we become diligent about our roof maintenance and avoid the out of sight, out of mind mentality. Scheduling regular roof maintenances will avoid spending thousands of dollars, but it will also result in an overall happy environment.
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