The Advantages of Aluminum Roofs in South Florida

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The southern Florida region is susceptible to severe tropical storms and hurricanes as well as frequent rain storms and humidity. This moisture can seep into some materials causing swelling, cracking and mold. Aluminum roofing material withstands severe weather damage, water and humidity without warping, rusting or weakening. Roofers in Florida use aluminum particularly in coastal areas prone to hurricane damage. It is more likely to survive storms that traditional roofing will not. Aluminum roofing is also fire-resistant, an important feature in southern Florida where wildfires may burn through the Everglades and surrounding areas.
Aluminum roofing material is recyclable, reducing the environmental impact of roofing production. In fact, for professional roofers Florida offers aluminum roofing made from recycled materials. When you want to create an environmentally friendly home, aluminum roofing is an ideal selection over traditional materials.
Selecting an aluminum roof for your home may help lower your energy costs. The reflective metal surface may reflect heat, reducing the amount of heat absorbed and transferred into your home. This is further increased if you coat the aluminum material with a white base. The light coating increases the amount of heat reflected from the roof, potentially saving up to 20 percent of your overall cooling costs in the summer months.
Aesthetically, aluminum roofing provides a wide variation in color and style to fit your needs. The material can be finished in virtually any color you desire. If you select lighter colors, you can maximize the energy savings. Alternatively, opt for darker finishes on your roof to match the exterior colors of your home.
Homes with aluminum roofing have a higher resale value, due to the increased value of the aluminum roof. Aluminum is more expensive than traditional roofing material. The financial investment increases your home’s value. Many insurance companies offer homeowner’s premium credits for installing aluminum roofing material due to the resistance to weather, fire and heat.
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