Re-Roof for a Kennel and Dog Resort in Davie, Florida

We contracted with Miracle Acres Kennel and Dog Resort in Davie, FL to reroof their kennel.
The problems present during our consultation were roof leaks, rotten plywood, and 60% of rotten fascia boards needed to be replaced. The roof was at the very end of its life and needed to be replaced.
There were three main obstacles that we needed to overcome doing this reroof project.
1. There is a new library that opened up next door and were getting ready to have their grand opening. The roof needed to be replaced before that time so that it didn’t interrupt the grand opening of the new library;
2. We were in the middle of an unusual high rainy season which would interfere with production and inspections;
3. And the biggest issue was that it was a dog kennel and we needed to assess a plan so that the dogs weren’t bothered or upset during the reroof project.
The owner was very concerned about the timeliness of the project and that the well-being and safety of the dogs remained a priority. To ensure that there were no smelly fumes that go along with hot mopping asphalt, we installed Polyglass self adhered roof system of the dog kennel.
With a concentrated effort of our staff, we were able to work around the rain, the inspectors and complete the job in a very timely fashion two days ahead of schedule. The owner was extremely satisfied with Chase Roofing’s work.
“Hi I’m Eric, the Vice President of Miracle Acres Kennel and Dog Resort. I just wanted to say how pleased we were with the work done by Chase Roofing, not only did they deliver the job on time with adverse conditions, cause it rained half of the time but they went over and above what was required. We are really pleased and we would certainly recommend them to anyone.”