Metal Roofing – Modern Alternative to Asphalt Shingle Roofing for South Florida Homes

In the late 18th Century, roofs made of zinc, copper and lead were very popular. The Washington Monument and Monticello in the Washington D.C. area are examples of metal roofing. Metal roofingis made with as much as 90% recycled material and can reflect up to 95% of the sun’s heat. This heat reflection could decrease the amount of interior cooling and reduce air conditioning costs.
Metal roofs can also withstand hurricane strength winds, something that is very important in the South Miami area. Also if lightning were to strike, the energy will safely dissipate throughout the entire roof surface, and exit into the ground. Thus, a metal roof is no more dangerous than a standard composite shingled roof. A metal roof does not peel, rust, warp or break and is resistant to pests. Metal roofs are also lighter than composition shingles, reducing the stress and load on your building’s structure. The material also resists fading and UV penetration. Along with this durability, another quality of it is soundproofing. This is especially important to South Miami residents during the rainy season.
Metal roofs are also fire proof. This fact may allow you to lower insurance costs. A concrete structure with a metal roof would be highly likely to withstand a fire from the outside. Metal roofing can be patterned after many popular styles. You can find styles that look like slate, Spanish and Mission tile or Victorian tiles. Properly installed, a metal roof will last many more years than a composite shingle roof and should not require a repair or maintenance. The metal roofing material can be fully recycled, reducing the strain on local landfills. The installation of it requires specific training and skills. You should consult with a qualified installer to ensure a proper installation with the proper materials to prevent roof leaks and to maximize your warranties.
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