I received a roof certification form from Citizens. What do I do? Roofing Contractor Fort Lauderdale

Have you received a letter from Citizens Property Insurance requesting you provide a “Roof Condition Certification Form”? Why is Citizens asking for this form? Citizens is requiring homeowners to have their roof evaluated by a licensed roofing contractor.

The form will provide the insurance company information on your roof such as the age, they type of roof system, if there are any visable signs of damage or leaks, and most importantly – the remaining useful life of the roof. If you have a newer roof, there should be no issue getting the roof condition certification. If your roof is older, shows signs of wear, or has less than 3 years of useful life, Citizens may be in a postion to force substantial repairs or full roof replacement in order to keep coverage in effect.

Chase Roofing provides a Roof Condition Certification Form to all of its reroofing customers as a courtesy. If you need a three year certification feel free to contact us.