How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof

So, you invested time and money into repairing or replacing your roof. You are probably wondering how long this asset will last and how you can increase its longevity even further. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to rest
Hire a trustworthy contractor– There is no quick fix. For any of your roofing needs, it is vital to hire a licensed and honest crew that will go above and beyond to provide service of the upmost quality. Chase Roofing prides themselves in their customer service and their attention to detail. Their first-rate quality roofings will have you sleeping soundly at night with the knowledge that there is a sturdy, dependable roof over your head.
Know the materials your roof is made of– This will help you decipher more or less how long your roof was originally presumed to last. Shingles have a lifespan of anywhere fro 18 to 30 years while slate, tile, and steel could last you 30+ years. Obviously, these predictions vary depending upon upkeep and weather conditions.
Have it inspected annually– We live in a climate where hurricane and other storms are common, which makes leaks and broken roofing materials more common, as well. You may have leaks that are not visible in your home but are wreaking havoc in your attic. There may be birds or other animals seeking shelter within a small hole that a broken tile made available.
Trim your trees– Be mindful of the leaves, branches, and sap that may be falling or have the potential to fall onto your roof, causing immediate or accumulative damage. Trees also cause the accumulation of humidity, which may hinder your roof from fully drying, causing deterioration. Also, upon planting new trees, be sure to plant them a safe distance away from your home so that, in a few years, you don’t have a full grown oak tree collapsing into your living room one stormy night.
We can try all we can to keep our roofs in tip-top condition. However, sometimes the odds are not in our favor and our roofs become victim to a flying projectile during an unruly storm. Thankfully, the roof’s job, which is to protect our families, is being fulfilled, yet we need to keep up with our roof’s needs so that one small project doesn’t turn into an entire removing and replacing. Chase roofing values your safety and will be there for you if and when your roof needs a little TLC.