How does the condition of your roof impact your homeowner’s insurance? Commercial Roofing South Florida

Roof Condition decides Rates – Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage, South Florida
Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments that you make in life. Protecting your asset that is your home is very crucial and one way to do this is by covering your home with a good homeowner’s insurance policy. A few factors are taken into consideration when rating the homeowners insurance.
•Insurance rates depend on your home location: Residents of South Florida have to be always prepared for the damaging winds that can spoil their roofs. Under such circumstances, they need expert roof replacement specialist contractors to examine their roof, provide an estimate and do the needful as per the state guidelines.
•Age of your home – The older your home, the more money it will cost to get a homeowner’s insurance. Homeowners in South Florida wanting to avail a homeowner’s insurance have to first provide a “Roof Condition Certification Form” which has details about the roof like, its age, the type of roofing system, visible signs of leaks or damage to the roof and the remaining practical life of the roof. Professional roof replacement contractors in South Florida as a matter of courtesy provide homeowners with the Roof Condition Certification Form. Homes with newer roof will have no issues but older roofs having less than 3 years of roof life can run into trouble. Under such circumstances the insurance companies can force the homeowners to get substantial roof repairs done or even order full roof replacement for the insurance coverage to become effective.
•Square footage – Bigger the home, higher the replacement cost and hence high insurance rates.
•Shape of your roof – Your homeowner’s insurance rate will depend upon your home roof shape. Homes with Hip roof shapes will tend to be rated less for homeowner’s insurance purpose as compared to the homes with Gable roof shapes. Whatever the roof shape is, if on inspection, damages/leaks are discovered, it falls upon you to take measures to get the roof fixed and prevent further damage. This means having your roof repaired or getting a roof replacement job done.
Roofing maintenance, repairs or roof replacement is a tedious and dangerous work. It is wise to assign the roofing work to professional roofing contractors of South Florida. An independent insurance agent can help you with your homeowner’s insurance issue so that you can take an informed decision.