How and Where Do I Detect a Roof Leak?

Homeowners can agree that there’s nothing quite so frustrating than to all of a sudden have water dripping from a ceiling. Leaks can lead to infestations of mold and increased allergens. Now, the question is: “How do I identify that I have a leak and actually locate the problem area?
First off, you should keep an eye out for signs of roof leaks when there has been severe weather in your area. It is crucial to be attentive during storms and high wind speeds since these are possible factors of roof leaks.
How and where do I detect a roof leak?
Most roof leaks are not going to be easy to catch. We recommend that you start with an exterior inspection-look out for damaged shingles. Don’t always base the leak off the water stains on your ceiling. Roof leaks tend to start higher on a roof and show their signs further down the line. Preferably, wait until it begins to rain and examine your attic and that should lead you to the exact entry of water.
Most leaks are exhibited near the interior edge of your exterior walls. Besides severe weather, cold weather conditions are also associated with roof leaks. Checking for roof leaks can be a little delicate. They are typically not found directly above the damaged ceiling area. If you have shingles that are cupping, curling or cracked, then that is another possibility of a roof leak.
What Should I Do If I Find One?
If you are able to spot the leak quickly, it is possible that the repair is inexpensive. It is suggested that you have a qualified contractor assist you with your roof repairs. If you decide to take care of these problems into your own hands you can risk making the problem bigger, therefore more expensive. We strongly recommended to give us a call the moment you see a sign of a roofing issue.
When to Call for Signs of a Roof Leak?
-Dripping water
-Ceiling stains
-Rotten fascia boards
-And more!
What Causes a Roof to Leak?
-Roof failure due to age
-Backed up nails
-Failure at flashing or valleys
-Fasteners into shutters or or gutters
-Other issues that also cause water intrusion: A/C leaking, stucco issues, foundation issues
Who Do I Call When I Find a Leak?
Luckily, you can count on Chase Roofing for top-of-the-line residential roof repair services. We can help you find and repair any problems or weak spots in your roof. We pride ourselves on our customer service and satisfaction, and can repair any roof, residential or commercial. Call today! (954) 680-8588