Honored to be Involved in our Community

Tamara was recently approved to be a part of 2012 Board of Directors Slate of the Ft Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce Weston Business Council. We are looking forward to a great year!
Approval of 2012 Board of Directors Slate:

A motion was made (D. Bekerman), seconded (A. Pollack) and unanimously carried to approve the 2012 Board of Directors slate consisting of: Alfredo Aguirre, David Bekerman, Mindy Jennings (2012 Chair), Tom Kallman, Cecile Klein, Karina Matyisin, Dan Young, Jim Norton, Art Pollack, Bryan Pollak, Stephany Dieguez, Chip Rowand, Denise Walker, Michelle Young, Tamara Chase, Lew Crawford, and Jackie Palermo.