Holiday Home Improvement

While we are in the dead of winter here in sunny South Florida, we do not experience the harsh weather endured by all other states. However, we still need to consider safety for our family and be cognizant of how we upkeep home appliances and enhance our houses for this Holiday season. The following are a few simple HOLIDAY HOME IMPROVEMENT tips we should all review to potentially save energy costs and avoid possible dangers that neglect could cause.
1. Seal window and door drafts– Locate any improperly sealed door or window, estimate how severe the draft is, and use a store bought or homemade draft stopper, depending on what your needs are. This will save on air conditioning and heating bills as well as increasing the appliances’ longevity. Consider contacting a professional for a home energy audit to see how up to par your home’s caulking and weather stripping is. A depth of 10 to 14 inches or insulation is generally considered excellent.
2. Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors– Protect yourself and your family from potential hazards. As carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, one must always be aware of the risks it poses, especially if you park your car in your garage. Although smoke detectors, on the other hand, may seem like a nuisance to some, by strategically placing them in areas that smoke should never be in your home, you can save you and your family’s life in the dangerous case of a fire.
3. Stay safe when decorating– While enhancing your home’s Holiday spirit, be careful when using a ladder, especially outdoors. Many of us like to adorn our roofs with sparkly, lit trimmings, which involves ladder usage. Be sure to never work alone in potentially perilous situations or hire a professional if you feel that you can not perform a task with 100% efficiency.
4. Maintain your home appliances– Many times, appliances like your washer or dryer may be outdated and using more energy or water than a newer model. You may want to invest in purchasing a new home gadget to save you money down the line. Change your air conditioning filters to increase its efficiency. Also, if you sense something is wrong with any of these home appliances, call a repairman right away. You will avoid even more costly repairs by solving a problem right away instead of expecting it to go away on its own and having it beak down completely.