Hiring Roofing Contractor in South Florida – Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Installation or significant roof repair in South Florida is one of the most expensive upkeep costs involved in property ownership. When you are faced with the prospect of getting a roof repaired or replaced, the task may seem daunting, specially finding a trusted roofing contractor. There are several factors to be especially aware of and by paying close attention to these simple, but important aspects you can have a roof that will do the job correctly without financial risk.
Because Florida entertains a very tropical climate, the obvious aspect of roofing that leaps to mind is that it needs to be weather tight. This is true, and the importance of a quality job performed by a certified and insured roofer cannot be understated. However, this becomes the tip of the iceberg when you realize that the installation and materials used are critical not only to keep water from storms and every day showers out, but also to let the structure properly “breathe” in order to prevent mildew from gaining a grip on the structure.
Roofing Contractor South Florida
Choosing a roofer starts with recommendations; either trade referrals from roofing associations and even builder’s supply warehouses that sell high volumes of materials to local roofing companies. These are unbiased sources of quality checks; they will readily tell you who NOT to use, and will usually give you a simple range of qualified and reliable roofers to choose from. If you are told directly to use a particular roofer, take that information with a grain of salt. It may be valid, but cross reference that referral with several others to ensure that there is no hidden personal or business connection at work.
Next you will need to make doubly sure that the roofer carries FULL insurance, including applicable workers compensation insurance. You do not need to be paying for an injury to one of his employees due to his lack of proper coverage. In Florida, the Better Business Bureau is a good quality check as far as ensuring that a particular company does not have several complaints lodged against them, but it will not tell you anything about the quality of their work.
This is where doing homework can save you many thousands of dollars in the future. By checking with previous customers, local material suppliers, and the Better Business Bureau you can create a matrix to judge vital information by. With this in hand you’ll be confident of your choice in a Florida roofer.