Choosing the Right Roofing Company

You may find it hard to entrust a stranger with the responsibility of fixing your roof, especially after a negative experience with another roofing company. While finding an honest company to trust with the repair or replacement of your roof may seem like an impossible feat, it is doable. It is essential to ask yourself: “What qualities do I need and am I looking for in a contractor?” By searching for the following criteria, when doing your roofing research, choosing the right roofing company for you will be a very doable task.
• Regional knowledge– Depending on the area you live in, your roofing needs will be different, the materials that may be best for a different part of the country may not be the best match for roofs of South Florida’s climate. Find a contractor that has knowledge of different roofing options for your particular roof in the area that you life in rather then someone who will just try to sell you on one type of material or style that he may be pushing. A roofing contractor that has your best interest in mind will guide you to exactly what you need for your, what you are looking for, aesthetically, and a product that will meet FM Global Standards.
• Company specialty– Many roofing and contracting companies claim to be able to work on certain projects commercial roofs when they do not have extensive knowledge on the matter. Find a company that specializes in the exact service that you need to be taken care of and continue your research from there.
• Customer service– A good, honest, and reputable roofing company will put your needs over making an extra profit. If you’ve had a bad experience with another contracting company or roofer, it can be difficult to place your trust in someone again for fear of being duped again. Make sure all the information pertaining to you is laid out and crystal clear. If you feel as if something doesn’t seem right and you aren’t getting a full answer regarding a concern, find another roofing company that is willing to be fully transparent with you. Don’t ever let a bad experience effect you prolonging of the service of your roof, as a simple repair can turn into something much worse over time.
• Manufacturer certification– If a contracting company is as good and reputable as it claims to be, then it will be constantly presented with awards and certifications that they will be proud to show you. In this day and age, technology makes it easy to give praises and awards to companies through social media outlets and websites like and Angie’s List.