Celebrate the True Meaning of Memorial Day

Monday is a very special day here in America, not because it marks the start of another week of freedom and prosperity, but because we as a nation take the time to commemorate the brave men and women who served their country in the armed forces. Freedom, despite its name, isn’t free and when you hold that flag high this Memorial Day, try to take a moment to really digest the significance of those who sacrificed their lives for your freedom.
Unfortunately most people don’t know much about Memorial Day except that they don’t have to go to work. The practice of celebrating the lives of those in the armed forces and remembering their sacrifice goes back hundreds of years to our nation’s infancy. One of the first “Decoration Days” as it was called back then, was held in Charleston, South Carolina on May 1, 1865. Though celebrated for more than a hundred years, Memorial Day did not become an official Federal holiday until 1967.
There are a ton of wonderful ways to celebrate Memorial Day here in Fort Lauderdale such as visiting Memorial Park on S.W. 4th Avenue. The park hosts one of the largest Memorial Day celebrations in the area where guests are invited to decorate the graves of those who fought and died in service to their country. With guest speakers and local dignitaries present, Memorial Park is a wonderful place to honor military men and women.
There are plenty of ways to honor Veterans on Memorial Day like decorating your home and yard with American flags and having a big neighborhood barbecue. Celebrating your freedom with friend and family is a great way to reign in Memorial Day and remember those who made it all possible. From everyone here at Chase Roofing in Fort Lauderdale, have a safe and happy Memorial Day!