Benefits and Styles of Tile Roofs Fort Lauderdale

For homeowners in the Fort Lauderdale and South Florida area, tile roofing is often an excellent choice for roofing. This is primarily due to their long lifespan, lack of maintenance and overall aesthetic appeal. Due to the humidity and sub-tropical environment of South Florida, tile roofs are often the best choice because of its ability to resist rotting and withstand the torrential downpours that occur during hurricanes and severe thunderstorms.
In fact, most types of tile can last for at least 50 years, with some being capable of lasting up to 100 years. This lifespan is significantly greater than traditional asphalt shingles which only last around 15 to 30 years. Along with this, tile isn’t prone to rotting or insect damage which means there is very little maintenance involved.
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This type of roofing also provides a distinct aesthetic appeal that naturally accentuates the style of many homes in the South Florida area. In addition, tile roofs can reduce home energy consumption because of the natural ventilation that they create. Consequently, your cooling bills should be considerably lower during the peak summer months.
In terms of style, concrete and clay are the most common materials used. These can come in a plethora of colors to accommodate the existing style of most homes and are highly resistant to fire. This allows you to select a color that meshes well with nearly any home. Besides this, you have the option to choose a type of tile that mimics the appearance of other materials like slate or wood.
Tile roofs can also come in different shapes such as flat, s-shaped and barrel. Having the ability to fully customize tile roofing is a major benefit that you wouldn’t have with many other types of roofing. An added benefit is the environmental friendliness of these materials. Since tile consists of natural materials, they have a minimal amount of impact on the environment and are great if you are a green minded homeowner or property manager.