Are Roof Leaks a Problem for Your Fort Lauderdale Home?

Water is your roof’s worst enemy! If you notice even the smallest leak in your roof or home, it can lead to extensive roof and interior damage. Leaks happen for one of three reasons, damage from a storm or other physical factor, neglect, or failure of one of its materials. Whatever the reason may be for your roof’s negative state, its speedy recovery should be your main priority.
Review your Warranty– The materials installed to your roof have a manufacturer’s warranty, and if you used a reputable roofer, the proper paperwork should have been given to you regarding this matter. Unfortunately, these warranties usually only cover product defects and not other sources of roof disrepair. There are also many facets that may void the warranty, such as ponding water, a change in the building’s primary use, and unapproved roof alterations.
The Issue with In-House Repairs– Sometimes it may seem simpler and more cost-efficient to hire your usual maintenance man to fix your roofing dilemmas. The truth is, they could be causing more damage than they are repairing. Do-it-yourself projects may also end up voiding the manufacturer’s warranty that you have on one of your roof’s materials. Some leaks may require professional torching or welding that smearing on roofing cement will not fix. Hire a qualified roofing team to tackle your problem head-on and save you more headaches in the future.
Estimate the Cost of Repairs– Because of the unseen issues that roof leaks can cause, it can be difficult for a property manager to properly estimate its damages. In areas like base finishings, penetrations, and seams, leaks are extremely prominent, and only a professional roofer can accurately estimate what your repair costs could be. Also, a well- maintained roof will be that much easier to repair than one that has been neglected.
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